Animals Don't Belong In Cages

Most Scientist Believe Many Pandemics Are Transmitted From Livestock Agriculture and Wet Markets

Zoonotic, diseases that are transmitted from animals to humans, is a growing concern.

Mad cow disease was caused from feeding sheep brains to cows, then feeding that beef to humans.

Bird Flu breakouts frequently happen in chicken farms. Millions of chickens are killed when outbreaks occur to prevent spread. Food for thought: Tofu has never caused a pandemic.

Viruses And Bacteria Will Continue To Get More Serious

Most medical books, for example, a college text book, suggests a superbug, will kill more people than cancer in the upcoming decades.

As we give livestock large amounts of antibiotics the bacteria becomes resistant to antibiotics. In other words, as we consume meat products from fish, diary, white meat, and red meat, we continue to fuel the speed superbugs develop.

Tell People. Please. Animal Lives Matter.

According to most virologist Corona virus, SARS, MERS, all are zoonotic. Medical microbiology and virology scientists mostly agree Covid-19, MERS, SARS are zoonotic. Unfortunately, unwarranted and scientifically unsupported reports suggest Covid-19 was made in a lab. Unlikely, diseases from bacteria to viruses are becoming stronger and greater in number because of human overpopulation, needless desire for consumption of animals and overuse of antibiotics.

Coronavirus - A Phenomenon To Panic?

COVID-19's likely origination was from exotic wild animals. A reason why animals don't belong in labs or cages!

Since the time it first emerged in the city of Wuhan, China, the pandemic COVID-19 has affected millions and counting.

In the past months, a remarkable spread is observed all across the globe, as it affects Korea, Asia, Europe, Italy, Middle East the most North America after China. According to the latest researches by medical experts: the news is that the spread of this deadly infectious disease has been predicted to double by every five to six days - which means we are looking at a massively increasing count in the near future. The sad part is, these are just a number of few reported cases, however, the actual figures are yet unknown.

Coronavirus - a serious threat or an over-exaggeration?

With its deadly effects, the global economy has declined while it has become difficult to manage the future. With industries like travel, business, trade, tourism, manufacturing, etc being hit by the pandemic, concerns like cyber securities have been raised.

If you look around, people are observed to stocking up on goods while the poor and underprivileged are left to suffer. Although, many companies have resorted to the ‘work from home’ culture during this tough period.

It’s not just the public sector, the medical staff is experiencing devastating concerns since they are short of resources. With a vaccine yet not introduced and the public hoarding on all the useful medical equipment, materials like PPE, masks and surgical gloves are less available for our front-line soldiers - the medical practitioners. To top it off, many countries, are not well equipped with ventilators, testing kits or isolation centers to treat the ill.

With all this going on, there is news that the opening of the wet market will be initiated in China yet again. Upon the emergence and spread of the Corona virus, China had temporarily issued a ban on all open wet markets. Since these animals can incubate many more diseases adding to the existing struggle. To prevent the spill into the human race, Beijing has been urged to permanently impose a ban, by a few scientists. Researchers depict that it will cause more hours of pain and suffering with its reopening - eventually, affecting each country and its industries!

However, China did take a controversial step with the opening of its wet markets while WHO announced that it doesn’t call for a shutdown unless hygienic and safety measures are implemented.

The Final Verdict

“I firmly believe that these markets should be forced to shut down with immediate effect,” says Dr. Anthony Fauci during an interview this month. Dr. Anthony is the director of the US National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases.

The dilemma still sticks upon us, either to follow the suggestions of these professionals or allow ourselves to be a victim of similarly experienced pandemics like The Plague, Cholera, Swine Flu, etc.

About the author of this page:

Dr. Anique Ali works as a resident physician at Nishtar Medical University Hospital.


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