Animals Have Same Feelings as Ours. We Should Go Vegan!

Have you ever felt the need for animal-exploitation to go extinct? Well, if you did. You must know that animals bear feelings just like we do. They go through the same pain when one of them gets slaughtered for food sources. Being the most innocent living being, cows show affection towards their calves and herd. Moreover, they have to lose their fellow cows for us humans. I don’t know what it would be, if not downright exploitation (Can plants feel pain? 2018). Animals are quite prone to feelings. How? They are pure creatures that can’t even express their emotions with words. However, they do it with their actions. This shows that animals are sensitive to feelings. Furthermore, elephants have great working brains. They perceive it quite quickly.

Ask yourself. Are slaughtering animals just for the sake of food is satisfying? Certainly, not. Refraining from animal exploitation and reinforcing it on the society is the first step to eliminate animal-slaughtering. To make this possible, humans must go vegan.

Enormous Benefits of Humans Going Vegan:

The British Dietetic Association and the American Academy of Nutrition & Dietetics evaluated that consuming on vegs is perfect for humans of all ages (New Study: Go Vegan and Help End World Hunger 2018). Going vegan can not only benefit the poor animals from getting slaughtered mercilessly. It can have some impressive effects on humans' lives. Let’s introduce you to some

1. Going Vegan Makes You Healthier:

Your endless love for animals is rewarding you everywhere. Whether it is making you a more empathetic person or a healthier person. Few studies from researchers have shown that going vegan can limit your chances of getting mainstream diseases. It shields from being diabetic (Deckers, 1970). Moreover, they have veganism with moderate BP and cholesterol levels. The chances of heart disease and cancer go down as well. Going vegan grants you a massive opportunity to improve your nutritional life.

Green veggies promote disease-free lives for many newly turned vegans. Indeed, food like whole grains, fruit, nuts, seeds, and vegetables are an enormous source of vitamins and minerals (Deckers, 1970).

2. Going Vegan Will End World Hunger:

According to a rough estimate, 36 percent of the calories in crops become the food for animals. (New Study: Go Vegan and Help End World Hunger 2018) Those animals eventually get slaughtered for us. Therefore, going vegan would benefit the poor by fighting world hunger.

3. Going Vegan Benefits Your Ecosystem:

The environment can be preserved with the rejection of animal exploitation. Multiple livestock consumes not only high volumes of water, but they pollute it as well. When the plants actively replace the livestock, there wouldn’t be any water wasted. In this way, millions of people will have access to clean water.

As the situation of global food and water going scarce because of a myriad of environmental and socio-economic problems, it is high time we all adopt veganism. Apart from that, having your diet entirely dependent on vegan would require only one-third of the land that supports meat and dairy diet.

About the author of this page:

Dr. Arshad is a medical & health writer with a Medical Degree.