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THE ENVIRONMENT Save Society From Ourselves By Consuming Less BY DR. HAMAD SHAFQAT

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Environmentalists believe that humanity's unfaltering addiction to consumption is the reason behind climate change and other vast arrays of environmental ills. Consumption is woven into the very fabric of our society. It drives the economic growth of countries around the globe. According to current standards, the more we consume, the better as we equate more consumption with growth. After all, GDP is regarded as the sole measure of a country's progress!

According to some very disturbing yet intriguing data, if everyone on this planet started to live like an average American, we would require four earths to support life.

If we are to tackle the environmental issues head-on, we need to re-evaluate how we live our lives. We need to analyze how this impacts our planet and its inhabitants.

In this modern-day and age, people believe that if they are to be happy and prosperous, they need more stuff. Research has shown that materialism is closely associated with depression and anxiety. Living a minimal life will not only benefit us on an individual level, but it will have widespread advantages for society. At first glance, minimalism may seem a challenging and impractical approach, something that won't suit the commercialized and fast-paced nature of modern life. But the underlying core philosophy of minimalism is all about considering the consequences of your actions. You come to realize that more is not always better. In addition to it, minimalism is a perfect way to reduce our eco-footprints and ensure that we don't strip the Earth bare. The idea of limiting meat consumption, opting for eco-friendly transportation means, limiting energy consumption, converting to renewable sources for energy requirements will help pave the way for a better future.

The question of whether our economies can survive the death of consumerism is less relevant now. It all comes down to whether our economic system is willing to make the crucial sacrifice for Earth's sake!