The world has too many people

The planets, animals, plants, and species are dying at an alarming mass extinction rate.

We must educate those who are not educated in the human caused mass extinction event.

We must demand to stop overpopulation before it's too late.

We must stop being selfish and duplicating ourselves in our own image.

We must stop over-consuming.

We must stop buying plastic goods and plastic bags.

We must go vegan, so the world can slow the green house gases being emitted from livestock farming.

Coral reefs are dying off rapidly. The entire animal life form will become extinct likely in this decade.

Did you know some coral reefs are estimated to be over 4,000 years old. Yet many microbiologist have statistical evidence that coral reefs will become extinct in the oceans because of the rapidly increasing ocean temperature.

Wake up people! The world is dying all around us because of humans.