Vegan Dieting: Six Tips for a Smooth Change

Starting on the Vegan Dieting can be tricky. Knowing the benefits of this type of diet makes you wonder: what is the first step? where do I start? You cannot change from your conventional diet to the vegan one like you change your clothes, it would bring serious consequences for your body. Persist and stick to a plan.

Making good decisions is the first step to changing your lifestyle. This is the way to start:

1. Find alternatives. You don’t need every animal product in the world, you already know that. You have thousands of options such as legumes, tofu, etc.

2. Vegetable balance: don't underestimate vegetables. You need more than evading animal products, you must find which are the vegetables that can counteract your diet and provide the nutrients you need.

3. Experiment: Learn, research, find new ideas, reinvent your meals every day. Monotony is the first step on a wrong path. Do your research and explore.

4. Being vegan is also a social aspect: Look for vegan and organic restaurants, groups that help you during the transition and teach you new recipes. There are thousands of vegan associations where you can learn a lot.

5. Seeds & nuts can ease the stress and anxiety. In addition, they improve our cardiovascular health because they are rich in essential fatty acids.

6. Non-dairy fermented foods: you can eat yogurt and remain a vegan, just make good choices.

Vegan dieting can be tricky This is a big jump, so seek help whenever you need it (whether from vegan friends or a doctor). Remember, vegan dieting involves learning to eat again, from scratch.

The author's name of this article is Dr. David Andres.